IBIZA Treasures vol.1
Thirteen UNMIXED gems to celebrate this magic 20K8 summer Ibiza's season from Soul Treasure Records catalog.
Included three original tracks by Ciappy DJ "Welcome en Ibiza", OutofnotE "In the beginning" and an special mashup/remake of "El Bimbo" vs. "Brasilia Carnaval", called "El Carnaval" by LP2 (first appearance on Soul Treasure Records, and two special tracks licensed with courtesy of Gotta Keep Faith Records and Dae Deep Records
Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri feat. Fabrizio Scarafile "Winds of Victoria".

Ciappy DJ & Pablo feat. Savio Vurchio present The Soul Live elements "I Do Love" 
(already supported by Richard Earnshaw, Mark Grant, Groove Assasin, John Mateo, Johnny Fiasco, Rick Preston, Tom Blacksoul, DJ Meme, Sir Piers)


Tracklist (CD contains mp3 320kbps files):

1 . Ciappy DJ • Welcome en Ibiza (feat. James C.Leblanc)

2 . Outofnote • In the beginning

3 . Ciappy DJ feat. Brian Lucas • Dancer (from Gino Soccio Remake Tribute EP)

4 . Beatz To Play • Lesson 1

5 . Ciappy DJ feat. Savio Vurchio & The Soul Live Elements • I Do Love

6 . James C.Leblanc feat. Madeline X • Sexø Lessøn (@3AM) (Ciappy DJ remix)

7 . Ciappy DJ feat. Brian Lucas • Try it out (from Gino Soccio Remake Tribute EP)

8 . Ciappy DJ feat. Madame Zaxa • Work (The ReWork)

9 . Ciappy DJ feat. Black South • Cuba (Arturo's Dub mix)

10 . Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri feat. Fabrizio Scarafile • Winds of Victoria (C&D main mix)

11 . Italo Perez & Beppe Gatti • EEEnata (main mix)

12 . LP2 feat. Tiago Silva, Sidi Rodriguez & Annaluna • El Carnaval (Tenerife mix)

13 . Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri feat. Fabrizio Scarafile • Esko (Unplugged esko)

BONUS TRACK. Mixed by Ciappy DJ • IBIZA Treasures vol.1 (Full Album Mix)


N.B. BONUS track ONLY into a CD data Mp3 file format!

IBIZA Treasures vol.1

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